Following the addition of a six-member team to Constangy’s Cybersecurity & Data Privacy practice announced May 2, 2023 and the 44-member team announced in January, the firm’s administrative partner and general counsel, Teresa Bult, was quoted in a May 15 article in The American Lawyer discussing group lateral hiring in the legal industry.

Bult highlighted the firm’s approach and strategy to leverage previous experience and ensure a seamless transition. “We had to take everything we knew about smaller groups and expand that, navigate things so that we could make it as smooth as possible to make sure not to disrupt the billing process,” she said.

The firm’s flexibility in offering remote working options has also been an asset in both attracting and integrating new attorneys, especially as it relates to eliminating the need for real estate acquisitions as the firm continues to recruit in markets across the country. “It would have been a bigger task in multiple jurisdictions if we had to deal with leases,” Bult said. “The major logistic hurdle we had was making sure everyone had a computer in their hands when they landed at the firm. That was a much smaller hurdle than having a lease in place with furniture and to have an additional office.”

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