National labor and employment law firm Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete, LLP is excited to announce it has been named to BTI Consulting Group’s inaugural list of “44 Law Firms with the Most Attorney Business Development Enthusiasm.”

According to industry-wide client feedback collected from BTI, the firms acknowledged in this list boast a lineup of attorneys who demonstrate a fervent dedication to client development and enhancing the client experience.

BTI provided a list of five influences shaping the attitudes of business development enthusiasts, including:

  • Personal Motivation: A segment of individuals inherently thrives in the business development realm, showcasing an innate affinity for this process deeply ingrained in their professional DNA.
  • Firm Discussions on Business Development: Discussions surrounding business development within firms vary significantly, ranging from celebratory tones to marked silence.
  • Exposure to Seasoned Business Development Enthusiasts: Witnessing the expertise of seasoned professionals in action serves as a potent source of motivation and education for enthusiasts. Notably, experienced business developers acknowledge the value of learning through the inclusion of less seasoned attorneys.
  • Support and Acknowledgement of Influential Practitioners: Divergent experiences among influential practitioners reveal varying degrees of success within their firms. While some perceive success despite limited support, others benefit from abundant resources and unwavering backing. Firms that outwardly demonstrate support tend to harbor a larger contingent of enthusiasts, fostering a more inclusive and inviting environment.
  • Encouragement of Collaboration: Firms that encourage collaboration between seasoned business generators and less experienced attorneys witness heightened engagement levels. This collaborative approach not only fosters skill development among junior attorneys but also contributes to a more engaged workforce overall.

“Constangy is deeply committed to cultivating an environment that actively supports and encourages client development,” said Jennifer Griffin Scotton, Constangy’s Chief Marketing Officer. “The firm prioritizes initiatives that empower its attorneys, providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary to excel in their respective fields.”

Scotton added, “By promoting a culture of continuous learning, embracing diverse perspectives, and fostering a supportive community, Constangy champions an environment that not only stimulates business growth but also fosters the personal and professional development of its members, ultimately contributing to the firm's overall success.”

To access the full list of firms, click here.

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