Constangy’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Griffin Scotton, recently spoke on the Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) podcast on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver value to clients.

In this gripping episode, Jennifer and Tony delve deep into the ways AI is reshaping the legal landscape, going beyond mere content generation. They discuss the current real-world applications of ChatGPT in the legal sector and navigating the ethical considerations.

Jennifer and Tony also emphasize the importance of embracing AI, predicting a seamless integration of these advanced tools with our everyday software.

To access the full episode and stay ahead of the curve, click here.

A relentless innovator and true change agent, Jennifer serves as Constangy's Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, she guides the firm's marketing and business development strategy, leading a team of highly skilled marketing professionals. Jennifer's true passion lies in coaching lawyers to connect the dots in their practice to achieve business development success and deliver value to their clients while maintaining a laser focus on client service.

With 20 years of experience in legal marketing, Jennifer has enjoyed multiple leadership positions at both the regional and international levels of the LMA, as well as serving on the American Marketing Association's (AMA) Board of Directors. An award-winning marketing professional, she was named to Triad Business Journal's "Top 40 Professionals Under 40" list in 2022, selected as an "Unsung Legal Hero" by North Carolina Lawyers Weekly in 2018, and has led her team to win multiple "Your Honor" awards from the LMA.

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