The Legal Intelligencer

In an article published by The Legal Intelligencer on Feb. 8, 2024, Constangy Cyber partner Jordan Fischer shared insights on best practices for going “back to the basics” to mitigate cyber risks in 2024.

Specifically, the article delved into the idea that, as cyber risk continues to increase, businesses need to take proactive measures to secure their systems and mitigate the risk of cyber breaches. The article explored three core areas businesses can focus on to manage cyber risk: implementing technical controls, preparing for regulatory requirements, and training and testing employees.

Implementing two-factor authentication, patching vulnerabilities, and conducting third-party due diligence are critical technical controls that can help mitigate risk. Creating and maintaining an effective compliance program is vital for regulatory requirements, and training and testing employees through phishing campaigns and tabletop exercises can reduce vulnerabilities related to human error.

“Business leaders must understand the business’s infrastructure and develop the tools and strategies specific to its operations,” Fischer wrote. “What works for one business will not necessarily work for other business. The key is to create a solution that supports for your operations and embraces your business’s culture, encouraging all employees to embrace a security and privacy-first mentality.”

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