Sports Law Expert Podcast

Constangy senior counsel Chris Deubert was featured on the most recent episode of Sports Law Expert Podcast. Sports Law Expert is a podcast published twice a month highlighting attorneys and other legal experts working in the sports industry and discussing important topics impacting sports law.

In the episode, Chris discusses how he got into sports law and how his current labor and employment practice intersects with sports. He also delves into the current legal trends impacting the sports industry, including sports betting, private equity in sports, and pay issues involving collegiate athletics.

Chris is a seasoned attorney with over thirteen years of diverse experience in labor and employment, sports law, and litigation matters. In his career, Chris has represented and counseled employers on various labor and employment issues, including discrimination complaints, wage disputes, and employment agreements. He has also provided legal guidance to entities in the sports industry, such as teams, associations, athletes, and agents.

To listen to the full episode on Spotify, click here.

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