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Constangy senior counsel Chris Deubert was recently interviewed by The Los Angeles Times for an article titled "How the NFL Sunday Ticket trial could impact baseball’s streaming future." The article explores how the NFL's current legal battles over its Sunday Ticket package might influence Major League Baseball’s (MLB) streaming services.

The NFL is currently dealing with an antitrust lawsuit focused on its Sunday Ticket package and the MLB anxiously awaits the suit's resolution, which could have significant ramifications for its own plans for a baseball streaming service. While the MLB currently has a longstanding antitrust exemption, Chris believes that the organization could potentially be vulnerable to a legal challenge.

"Whether the broadcast agreements would be covered by baseball’s antitrust exemption, I think, is uncertain," he said. Chris also emphasized that a loss for the NFL could force MLB and other major leagues to reconsider their broadcast packages and legal strategies.

While MLB could claim an antitrust exemption, recent court cases and legislative scrutiny suggest this defense may not be foolproof. Chris pointed out that all major sports leagues are watching the NFL case closely. “If the NFL loses, all the other leagues for sure will be forced to change their packages in some way,” he said. This could lead to significant changes in how sports content is broadcast and consumed in the future.

To read the full article on The Los Angeles Times website, click here.

Chris is a seasoned attorney with over thirteen years of diverse experience in labor and employment, sports law, and litigation matters. In his career, Chris has represented and counseled employers on various labor and employment issues, including discrimination complaints, wage disputes, and employment agreements. He has also provided legal guidance to entities in the sports industry, such as teams, associations, athletes, and agents.

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