Campus Safety

Constangy partner Sasha Thaler authored an article published by Campus Safety on June 10 offering “8 Best Practices for Navigating Complex Title IX Investigations.”.

Institutions for higher education are challenged with navigating complex and evolving regulations and policies at a federal and school level as it relates to investigations involving students, along with the need for the right amount of transparency to satisfy community relations.

To help with this, Thaler outlined some best practices for handling investigations, including conducting an immediate threat assessment, implementing a process for assessing if a party has the potential to harm or is a threat, and training investigators to respond adequately to mentions of suicidal thoughts or threats of violence.

While getting an investigation right can be a heavy lift, Thaler also discussed strategies to streamline procedures and ensure both cooperation and compliance along the way.

“Using a consistent process and implementing these best practices, regardless of who the parties are or the nature of the investigation, will help colleges and universities ensure they are meeting their obligations under Title IX and provide assurance to all campus constituents that the institution is committed to a fair and effective investigative process,” she explained.

To view the full article, you may click here.

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