The Constangy Cyber Team understands the paramount importance of staying informed about the intricacies of data breach notification regulations. With our Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Desktop Reference and these interactive maps, we provide guidance to navigate these complexities. Our interactive maps offer you online access to our succinct summaries of the essential aspects of various consumer and regulatory notification obligations. Please contact us should you have any questions. We look forward to working with you should you have to navigate the consumer notification and/or regulatory reporting process.  

The information provided in the map is meant to serve as a helpful guide and is not intended to be legal advice. 

The Constangy Cyber Team

The Constangy Cyber Team is a full-service cybersecurity and data privacy team unlike any in the country. We have strong law enforcement, digital forensics, and cyber insurance relationships - with over 80 cyber insurance carrier relationships to assist our clients. We are a team informed by our compliance advisory, incident response, and cyber litigation services. Our compliance advisory services are proactive – a suite of services to assist businesses as they comply with domestic and international data privacy and security regulations and to help keep their data private and secure. Our fully managed incident response services are reactive – 24/7 - for an immediate response to any data security incident. Our team will respond to over 2,000 of them this year. Our cyber litigation services are defensive – we have experienced cyber class action specialists to defend our clients in litigation arising from data privacy or security incidents. Our three internal teams work closely together to ensure our clients are well-prepared, well-advised, and strongly defended in every matter.

What We Do

Prevention, Preparation & Compliance

Incident Response

Investigations & Litigation

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