| 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT

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Companies operating in today’s economy, from global conglomerates to small businesses, must address the challenge of protecting large volumes of sensitive and business-critical data from complex and evolving cybersecurity threats that can cause significant harm. Unfortunately, given the growing sophistication of malicious cyber criminals, it is often a question of “when,” not “if”, a data security incident will occur.

Join Constangy Cyber Team vice-chairs Richard Goldberg, Sarah Rugnetta and Allen Sattler as they provide an overview of threats to data privacy in the workplace, including third-party liability and litigation, and strategies to mitigate those risks and enhance data privacy and security.

This webinar will detail:

  • The existing “threat landscape” affecting data privacy;
  • Third-party liability, including litigation, resulting from data privacy incidents;
  • Risk mitigation measures to enhance data privacy and security, resulting in compliance with recent data privacy legislation; and
  • Current and upcoming developments in data privacy law.
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