Constangy Cyber Team vice chairs Richard Goldberg, Sarah Rugnetta and Allen Sattler presented a webinar on data privacy in the workplace on May 2.

The webinar, “Data Privacy in the Workplace: Risks, Liability, Mitigation & Compliance," provided an overview of threats to data privacy in the workplace, including third-party liability and litigation, and strategies to mitigate those risks and enhance data privacy and security.

To access a recording of the webinar, click the link below.

Richard is a vice chair of the Constangy Cyber Team and is based in Philadelphia. He has extensive experience managing responses to data privacy and security incidents with special expertise assisting clients with complex regulatory matters related to data security. Richard has managed all sizes and types of data security incidents, including matters affecting millions of consumers and spanning dozens of countries. As a former cyber attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice, Richard provides clients with more than 25 years of experience managing cyber matters.

Sarah serves as a vice chair of the Constangy Cyber Team and practices in New York. She leads the provision of compliance advisory services for the Cyber Team, advising clients on strategies to mitigate risk associated with data privacy and security through business-oriented approaches. Sarah has more than 15 years of experience working in the privacy law area. She is a former privacy officer, a former state regulator, and has extensive experience serving as outside counsel for businesses in the fields of health law, data privacy, regulatory compliance, and risk management.

Allen is a partner and a vice chair of the Constangy Cyber Team, and he is based in Orange County, California. Allen has managed responses to hundreds of data security incidents, having been doing so full-time over the past several years. He has managed responses to incidents in all business sectors and with businesses of all sizes. Allen regularly facilitates digital forensics investigations for clients who have experienced a cyber incident. He also regularly assesses consumer and regulatory notification obligations, frequently representing businesses in regulatory investigations pertaining to privacy and data breach notification laws.

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