Research Triangle Foundation of NC
 | Tuesday 12pm EST

As organizations adapt to evolving work trends, many have embraced remote work arrangements. However, for sponsored employees, this shift introduces a myriad of legal challenges and potential risks that cannot be overlooked. During our seminar, distinguished experts in immigration law will explore:

  1. Legal Obligations: Understand the legal requirements and obligations imposed on employers and sponsored employees when working remotely, including applicability of state and local laws. 
  2. Compliance Risks: Gain insights into the compliance risks associated with remote work arrangements, including visa violations and potential legal consequences under various employment laws.
  3. Mitigation Strategies: Learn effective strategies for mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with employment and immigration laws while supporting remote work initiatives.
  4. Case Studies: Explore real-world cases and scenarios to better understand the practical implications of remote work arrangements.

Whether you are an employer sponsoring foreign talent or a legal professional seeking to stay abreast of current immigration trends, this seminar promises to offer valuable insights and practical guidance.

*This program is pending 1 SHRM & 1 HRCI credit*

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